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Atelier Crenn @ San Francisco Meets Nashville : Art Direction

To celebrate the evening, the dining space was transformed into an experiential environment, “Kokodema Dream”.

Crenn’s use of color and narrative plating style, termed, "Poetic Culinaria", inspired the idea of walking through a dream garden. Using Kokedema (the Japanese art form of enclosing plant’s roots in moss)and suspending plants, exotic flowers, handmade cocoons, and abstract webs to float in mid-air, Crenn’s cuisine is brought to life.

The dream becomes more vivid as guests enjoy the experience in the after-party lounge as waves of tall grass shoot up in the corner of the space, conceptual plant cells hang above the couches, a hand-dyed silk parachute drapes over the bar, and hand-crafted foliage cascades down the walls - coalescing to form the Kokedema Dream.

Photography by Andrea Behrends

[City] Meets Nashville was the first of a series of dining experiences hosted by POP Nashville where well-known chefs from around the world brought their culinary expertise to locals. Dominique Crenn, recently crowned, The World’s Best Female Chef, brought her French influenced, modern cuisine from San Francisco by way of her restaurant, Atelier Crenn.

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