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Bonnaroo Festival + Nashville Int'l Airport : Design + Installation

Dancing Sound Wave was a skylight installation built for Bonnaroo's Music and Arts Festival taking place each year in Manchester, Tennessee. Focusing on the festival's fan atmosphere, the installation radiates positivity as it symbolizes people from all over the world coming together, by way of flight, in one place; dancing to the unifying beat of live performance. Sponsored by Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival and Arts at the Airport, Dancing Sound Wave was built to heighten cultural engagement within the international companies’ immediate communities. The skylight installation was on display at the Nashville International Airport from March 2015 through January 2016.

Design + Fabrication : Amber Lelli, Sadie Monroe, Whitney Proper

Concept Development, Proposal, Illustrations, Drafts, Prototypes, Fabrication, Production, Logistics, Install Direction

This skylight installation is 22' x 6' long and handmade using half-inch steel tubing, crystal clear resin, resin dye, fiberglass window screening, organza, and a cotton + spandex blended fabric covering the steel frame.