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DP @ Exit In . New Year's Eve Set : Art Direction

Inside the Belly of the Beast

Diarrhea Planet @ Exit In

New Year's Eve Set

Art Direction + Production 

Claire Henry + Sadie Monroe

Art Direction . Concept Proposal . Set Layout . Backdrop Designs . Digital Printing . B2B Communications . Budget Reporting . Fabrication . Logistics . Install Direction . Performance Coordination


In the world of 2013, stuck inside the belly of the beast, DP begins to shred amongst the victims trapped inside; chanting, raving, lifting each other up. The formation of men awaken the dead, shock the brainwaves of the numb, and release the souls con ned to living purgatory. Transcending from hell, DP forms a utopian harmony of noise and clashes against their submissive barriers. Surrounded by their domineering noise, peers unite and new horizons are reached. As a unit of rebellion, the awakened shake the forces around them and relinquish nothing. In the final hours of battle, an uncharted universe is found. As they reach the last obstacle inside the beast, the transcendent rebels slay him; releasing his riches once hidden away from them. Triumphant over their adversary, the rebellions explode out of the beast. The people knight DP as king of their new world, 2014. Upon receiving the crown, DP shatters it to bits. Throwing it’s newfangled treasures and glory into the mass of celebration, Diarrhea Planet shares its power with the people,  inaugurating a new age. Euphoria.

Touted by Pitchfork as, “aggressively ridiculous,” Diarrhea Planet’s shows are adrenaline-fueled events filled with on-stage theatrics, intentionally grandiose multi-layered guitar solos, and plenty of audience interaction that is ceaselessly magnetic. 

Inside the Belly of the Beast was a one-of-a-kind set taking place at the infamous music venue, Exit In on New Year’s Eve. Drawing upon DP’s non-stop guitar shredding, garage-punk-pop vocals, their stage diving fans, and Exit In’s notoriety in hosting a slew of famous performances, Inside The Belly of the Beast set the scene for an Epic New Year’s Eve blowout.

Video by Unruly Factions

Photography by Emily Quirk and Wrenne Evans