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in-between + Sutro Exhibition @ Willis Tower : Design

in-between + Sutro Exhibition 

Willis Tower 


During the summer of 2014 the in-between was selected to be exhibited at the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) in Chicago, IL as a part of a fashion retrospective, Sutro Exhibition : Enduring Style

Inspired by growth and exploration, the in-between is an experimental work depicting phases of development. Specifically considering the concept of uprooting oneself from its known habitat, traveling into unfamiliar territories as an act of progress. Inevitably change happens both internally and externally in order to thrive within a more complex state. During these progressive stages, nothing is definitive. Everything is a discovery and processed as one naturally transforms into a more advanced being. The in-between peers into these abstract phases, exposing the seductive journey into the unknown.

Design and production by Sadie Monroe. Materials : canvas, fabric dye, acrylic paint and mediums, aluminum wire, papier mache, latex tubing, plasti-dip