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Nomad Capsule Collection @ Dovetail : Design + Event Management

nomad capsule collection

for Dovetail Boutique, Chicago


A Chicago hub spot for local design and vintage finds, Dovetail Boutique is a go-to destination for Noble Square residents. Looking to host an event featuring sweat-free fashion, Dovetail teamed up with Claire Henry and Sadie Monroe, under the moniker, co.lab, to host a trunk show celebrating local design. co.lab created a capsule summer collection using natural fabrics, hand-dying techniques, and in-house production. To promote the event, co.lab designed Dovetail's storefront window, made promotional content for the event, navigated press and media relations, and connected with neighborhood establishments and residents to host a sold-out trunk show in May of 2013. 

collection concept

The Nomad roams the layers of earth. Treading to the corners of the globe, she wraps herself according to her position in latitude. Layer on layer, function dictating texture, she drifts; her wanderlust has undertaken the relentless task that drives one from east to west and back again. Traveling through cities, over mountains, down ravines and around relics, the Nomad collects keepsakes—a material map of her trek—allowing the reminders of the past and the innovation of the present to adorn her.

Design and Production by Claire Henry + Sadie Monroe under the moniker, co.lab  

Photography by Ana Brazaityte

Materials : Linen, Natural Dyes, Rope, Copper