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disseminate @ C33 Gallery : Design


Exhibited at C33 Gallery . Chicago, IL Jun ‘12 - Oct ‘12

disseminate is a wearables collection inspired by our generation’s dependence on social media as the primary system of self-expression. As a large peer group seeks endless reinforcement from these personalized yet limited, technology-based platforms, one’s livelihood is built on screen and formulated by a platform. This collection asks viewers, as we advance technology to define our identity, are we building or dispersing interaction? Is it encompassing our emotions? Is it tangible? Where is it directing communication? How is it affecting emotional intelligence?


Design + Production by Sadie Monroe . Photography by Sam Gold

Materials : custom digitally printed silk de chine, silk organza, sequins, hand-cut and Plasti-Dip coated neoprene

12_04_07_KDSS_Thesis 0692.jpg