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Wake Up! Waltz + Chicago's El Train : Costume Design


Wake Up! Waltz 

a month long, site-specific dance and design production

Through the mundane process of the daily commute, this project was inspired by un-utilized space as a stage for performance and beauty. Throughout multiple Chicago neighborhoods, during high commuting hours, Wake Up! Waltz formed a temporary dance troupe performing on rooftops adjacent to Chicago’s El. Through the practice of community engagement, this troupe brought art to the everyday commuter. Every Monday through Thursday between May 13 and June 7, 2013, modern interpretations of waltzes appeared on the rooftops of Chicago’s Logan Square, Uptown, and South Shore neighborhoods.

Costume Direction + Production : Claire Henry + Sadie Monroe

Costume Concept Proposal, Costume Design, Illustration, Prototyping, Budget Reporting, Model Fittings, Costume Production, Project Coordination, Logistics, Performance-wear Styling, Event Promotion, Community Engagement

Directed by Josie Davis . Choreographed by Katherine Hill, Garret Kling, and Liana C. Percoco